European Monarch Genealogy

European Monarchy

   Many royal families in Europe have frequently been inclined to intermarry, as it protected power and wealth. This relationships of royalty are known as highly inbred. Royal intermarriage was when an individual married a cousin, niece, nephew, aunt or uncle with intent to solidify political authority and protect wealth from outsiders. In particular, the House of Habsburgs had a vast deal of intermarriages up until the year 1700. The German and Spain based royal family intermarried with their relatives to keep power within the family. Other royal families such as the British royal family had a considerable amount of marriages as close as the first cousin.

This site will primarily examine intermarriages between the Habsburg royalty. This site evaluates specific cases. This site also examines the intermarriages of the famous British monarchy.

The majority of the information on this site is visuals in the form of genealogical trees. A genealogical tree is a chart representing family relationships in a conventional tree structure. Please enjoy this site and if you do like it please feel free to subscribe to the site.

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